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Major infrastructural improvements has almost finished

Major infrastructural improvements has almost finished

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The work of widening the access road and the exit to fashion outlet Zevenaar has almost finished

Although much preparation work has already been done for the widening of the A12 motorway and the extension of the A15 motorway, the actual construction work has not yet started. Parties are already investing a lot in the underlying infrastructure. The local road network is in full construction and work is in progress to ensure that all roads connect perfectly to the new exits of the A12 motorway. The access road to Fashion Outlet Zevenaar will be doubled in size and, as the above photo clearly shows, construction is in full progress. Soon the beams will be placed over the railway track so that by the end of the year the doubling of the road will be realised. Also, the ground work for the exit of the local road network to Fashion Outlet Zevenaar has started as you can see in the photo above (at the left).